Price Comparison Site SSG -

Price Comparison site -

This is part of some of the side projects I am working on. The challenge here was to display meaningful information for the users to be able to make decisions based on it.

Tax reports are tedious for everyone and it can be a mess when talking about crypto currencies. Cryptotax helps you to decide between the various different services and filter them through some relevant specifications like number of transactions made, price, and features you need.

The branding and style aims to be simple, serious and straight to the point. I work together with my brother on this site and we both developed the Front End. We try to minimize the work we need to do to maintain it and keep it up to date with all the services available.

It is an ever evolving project that could grow in any direction at any time!

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If you want to know more about this porject don't hesitate and contact me!