Ski Pass Web/App Shop - Skitude & Skioo

I had the great pleasure to work for over two years along the Skitude Product Design Team helping with a variety of tasks. Internally we worked as an agile team using JIRA. Normally the sprints were divided in three groups of tasks:

  • Basic Apps “Skin Design”: designing a blue label app using clients assets and brand identity. We developed a modular system using Sketch templates to make our design process more efficient.

  • Custom Apps Design: In some cases we had clients with specific needs that were outside our core app. For those clients we coordinated with the development team to define what needed to be done in order to accomplish clients’ needs and deliver on time.

  • Core Services UX and UI: Skitude Services are broad so we worked internally to develop new features and functionalities. One of the features I was responsible for designing was the Ski Pass shopping process included inside the core Skitude App. In close collaboration with the product owner and the head of design we developed personas, user flows, identified pain points and finally built wireframes to test the flow. Once the flow was approved I was also in charge of polishing the design to work seamlessly with the core product. After that I worked on the deliverables for the different teams: iOS, Android, Web and Marketing.

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